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What You Need to Know About Ransomware and Office 365 for Business


We’ve got some shocking news: 100% of IT professionals have seen Windows systems infected with ransomware. Therefore, if your business is running Windows or Microsoft Office software, you should ensure that you’ve taken steps to protect yourself from a ransomware attack.

This warning applies to Office 365 for business.

If your company is using Microsoft Office 365 for business, or if you’re running a Windows environment that relies on Office products, it’s time for you to get the facts on ransomware prevention and recovery.

Get the information you need about ransomware and Office 365 when you download the eBook, “Ransomware and Office 365 for Business: What You Need to Know.”

How Likely Is It to Come Across Ransomware for Office 365?

The quick answer: pretty darn likely. In fact, 29% of IT professionals report that their clients have encountered ransomware that specifically targeted Office 365.

To put that in perspective, that means there’s a higher likelihood of coming across ransomware for Office 365 (1:2.45) than there is of coming across a rainy day in February in Washington, D.C. (1:3.1).

Yeah. Unfortunately, you did read that right.

To Be Clear, Microsoft Office IS NOT Dangerous

In case this article has got you planning to buy new business software, let us say, loud and clear, that Office 365 for business is an incredible tool with amazing security. The folks over at Microsoft do a great job programming near-bulletproof products, but cybercriminals know that a massive number of businesses use Windows and Office 365, so they focus their nefarious efforts on trying to attack these products. Sometimes, they succeed.

However, we’d like to state for the record that Office 365 and Windows are fantastic business solutions, and we can’t recommend them enough.

How to Protect Your Business from the Combination of Ransomware and Office 365

Worried about the risk of ransomware and Office 365, yet not sure what to do to keep your business safe? We’ve got you covered. We’ve recently released an eBook, “Ransomware and Office 365 for Business: What You Need to Know,” that helps you secure your systems and protect against ransomware.

The eBook explains, in detail:

  • Which Windows operating system is safest to use
  • How to maximize your browser security while using Office 365
  • 3 little-known tactics you can use to block ransomware

It also provides an entire section that gives a step-by-step guide on recovering from a ransomware attack on Office 365, if you happen to be unlucky enough to experience one. (Our top recommendation, and one that we’ve seen work over and over again: Choose a backup and continuity solution.)

Don’t Worry About Ransomware – Take Action Against It

Look, we understand that this article may have you worried about ransomware and Office 365, but there’s no reason to fear your critical business software. All you have to do is protect your company, so you can recover if you happen to fall victim to a ransomware attack… and the way to start preparing is to get all the facts.


Access the eBook, “Ransomware and Office 365 for Business: What You Need to Know,” so you have the facts you need to get your business protected right now.

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