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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Scan Reusable Notebook

By August 23, 2023News

Sadly, the summer is coming to an end, and that mean it is time for school to start back up (if it hasn’t already for some). If there is one thing that holds true for both students and professionals, it is that you will inevitably be taking notes. The problem is if you’re filling up notebooks it can be a hassle to keep and organize them. If you enjoy handwriting notes but like to digitize and organize things, then the Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Scan Reusable Notebook could be what you’ve been searching for.

The Boogie Board Blackboard Smart Scan Reusable Notebook is a nifty little gadget that takes the traditional pen and paper approach to notes and modernizes it without taking away from the experience. The gadget itself is essentially the size of an 8.5 x 11inch sheet of paper and comes with a variety of templates to meet your needs. It has a semi-transparent surface you write on with the template showing behind it. The stylus allows you to write as well as erase just like pencil, or you have the option to erase the whole page with the touch of a button. Blackboard has a companion app that allows you to smart scan your documents that lets you save, enhance, markup and is compatible with popular document storage options like OneNote, Google Drive, etc. While this may seem like another gadget you need to charge, it doesn’t actually require power. So, for those who are environmentally conscious you have the ability to save on paper and electricity.

Whether you’re a professional who takes notes, a student heading back to school, or just someone who wants to have a reusable sheet of paper to make lists or doodle on this may be for you. What is even better is that it is quite affordable at around $40 at the time of writing on Amazon. You can find out more for yourself on their product listing page along with a short video.