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Shiny Gadget of the Month: LG StanByME Go

By September 22, 2023News

Fall is upon us, the time of year where you cling to the last moments of weather where it is nice to be outside. It is also the start of America’s favorite sport, Football season… So how do you make the most of both? Simple, you take your TV into the great outdoors with you, enjoy the weather, watch the game, and thankfully LG has your solution with their StanByME Go portable television.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could watch TV on the beach, camping, even tailgating, or maybe you just wanted to feel like you are something straight out of a spy movie with a TV in a briefcase then this could be the gadget for you. The TV itself is 27 inches and runs on LG’s WebOS platform so you can install apps and stream off of Wi-Fi without needing to connect anything else. It also has the ability for AirPlay and Bluetooth connections along with an HDMI port. The TV utilizes a touch screen and in the demo video shows people using it to play games while laid flat. As previously mentioned, the whole thing is built into a briefcase to make it super portable and easily transportable while protecting it. It has a stand built in so you can raise and maneuver the screen as well as change its orientation from portrait to landscape. You may be saying that’s all well and good, but do I still have to plug it in? Well, the answer is no, the StanByME Go has a 3 hour battery to give you the portability you would expect out of such a device.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to turn heads with a briefcase filled with tech or take watch your favorite shows or sporting events anywhere you go this could be for you. Right now LG is currently taking preorders with a special price of $1000, but will go up to $1200 once it begins shipping 10/16/23. You can find out more for yourself on their website here.