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Application Hosting

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Software is the key component to helping you run your business more efficiently, and that’s crucial to remaining competitive and growing your company. The question is, where is the best place for your software to reside? On your servers (on-premise), in the Cloud, or some combination of both?

We can help. We have solutions for each of these environments or any combination of them.

For many businesses, the Cloud is the future. And we recommend starting that transition and taking advantage of the many benefits of migrating to the Cloud, such as:

Lower infrastructure management costs

A more predictable monthly cost

Unlimited scalability to help you keep up with business volume

Built-in back-up and redundancy to ensure business continuity

Rapid software deployment and easy integration of 3rd party add-ons and other solutions

Letting you focus more on your core business and strategic initiatives

Highest data security available today (see below for more details)

If you’re not 100% ready to join the Cloud revolution, we also offer on-premise/Cloud hybrid solutions that help you take advantage of both worlds.

Secure Cloud Hosting — The 1st and only single source Cloud application hosting solution protected by affordable enterprise-class cybersecurity


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