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How to Protect Yourself from Modern IT Threats [White Paper]


Here’s an important question: How can business leaders effectively protect their modern IT environments from modern IT threats when the pace of business today requires remote work from on-the-go employees nearly every day?

Get the answer — along with best-practice recommendations for securing your modern IT environment — in this newly available white paper from DUO and SWK Network Services. Download the white paper here.

How Does the White Paper Help?

Once you understand the major IT threats that businesses face today, you’ll find out how you can shield your network from attacks with innovative and holistic trusted access methods.

The white paper will clarify how you can strengthen your security authentication stance through multiple avenues, and the tips and techniques exposed in the paper will help you gain visibility and control into the security of your employees’ BYOD devices.

What’s in the White Paper?

This in-depth white paper, “The Essential Guide to Securing Remote Access,” covers everything you need to know to gain a working understanding of modern IT threats, and also includes instructions on how you can mitigate or counteract these threats.

Best of all, the tactics covered in this white paper take your business’s operational needs into account. They help you harden your security without hindering your employees’ productivity.

Read about real-world examples of the latest IT threats and get the facts on:

  • Phishing campaigns
  • Business email compromise scams
  • Brute-force attacks
  • Password-stealing keylogger Trojans
  • BYOD exploit kits
  • Malware-spreading tactics
  • RDP and VPN security threats
  • Cloud risks

The white paper also includes surprising information on a common data leak that your developers may be introducing into your company.

Is Your Business Prepared to Defend Against IT Threats?

Along with clear explanations, startling statistics, and best practice security recommendations, this deeply informative white paper will give you confidence to face and overcome the modern IT threats that may be endangering your company.

Get the facts on modern IT security now, so you can start protecting your business immediately.


Instantly download your copy of the white paper, “The Essential Guide to Securing Remote Access,” so you can stay ahead of IT threats and protect your company properly.

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