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IT Legal Compliance Is Tough. This White Paper Makes It Easier.


As it stands right now, at least 36 states and Puerto Rico have introduced or considered a total of more than 160 bills or resolutions related to cybersecurity thus far in 2019. Key areas of legislative activity include IoT security, cyber insurance standards, cybersecurity task force creation, and an overall improvement of security practices.

Considering the cybersecurity hazards out there, this is great news. This new legislation should help to better protect American individuals and businesses from cybercrime… but it also means your company’s IT legal compliance burden is about to get a lot heavier.

SWK Network Services is here to help you ease that burden with a complimentary white paper that explains how you can streamline the processes of IT legal compliance at your company. Download the white paper here.

What’s in the White Paper?

In the white paper, “Improving Legal Compliance Through Security Awareness Training,” noted IT legal expert Michael R. Overly, Esq., CISA, CISSP, CIPP, ISSMP, CRISC clarifies and simplifies the complexities of current cybersecurity legislation.

He does this by providing a “big picture” understanding of the often overwhelmingly detailed ins and outs of modern legislation, breaking down compliance requirements into three common threads. He then provides creative, crystal-clear examples for how businesses can use cost-effective cybersecurity training to meet many of their IT legal compliance requirements.

In addition, the white paper covers:

  • Examples of various cybersecurity laws
  • The most common methods of cybersecurity training for personnel
  • Advice for combating the lurking IT security threat inside your organization
  • 4 key aspects to include in any cybersecurity awareness training program

How to Set Up Your Own Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program to Meet IT Legal Compliance Requirements

Savvy business leaders understand that their best defense against IT security problems is to train their team to both identify and appropriately respond to incoming cybersecurity threats. The white paper goes over some common methods for implementing this training in a general sense – but, obviously, it can’t cover the specific steps your organization should follow to set up cybersecurity awareness training programs that will meet your specific needs.

That’s what SWK Network Services is here for.

With SWK Network Services, your company will have a team experts who can help you ID and plug the gaps in your network security practices, implement and reinforce anti-phishing training for your staff, and even monitor your systems around the clock to defend your business against malicious intrusions.

IT legislation is becoming a lot more complex in 2019 but, luckily, setting up your business’s cybersecurity practices is now easier than ever.


Start off your journey toward effective IT legal compliance the right way. Get instant access to your copy of the white paper, “Improving Legal Compliance Through Security Awareness Training.”

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