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Nearly 60% of Companies Are Teaching Cybersecurity Wrong. Are You?


Recent findings indicate that company leaders feel that the best way to battle technology problems like cybersecurity issues is to purchase technological solutions. Tech solutions are a great choice… but, honestly, they aren’t your best defense against cybercrime.

Your best defense, by far, is your employees.

Access the newly available, free white paper from SWK Network Services and phishing protection expert KnowBe4, so you can learn how to train your employees to become your cyber defenders.

There’s a Right Way to Train… and a Wrong Way to Train

In the white paper, “How to Fortify your Organization’s Last Layer of Security – Your Employees,” you’ll get insider info into the right way and the wrong way to train your staff to watch out for cybersecurity threats.

This matters because, as we mentioned in the title of this article, nearly 60% of businesses are going about their cybersecurity training all wrong.

Not only will this white paper clarify and explain the leading best practices for effective cyber awareness training, it will also:

  • Clarify what your #1 goal should be for your training program
  • Give examples of how to structure your training programs for maximum information retention
  • Offer insight into what your employees need to understand to become successful cyber defenders
  • Show how proper cybersecurity training can ripple throughout your organization and bolster security in all areas
  • Demonstrate the right way and the wrong way to respond to a failed learning attempt

Improve Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Tech experts working in all industries understand that effective cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges for modern businesses. This is because social engineering, the practice of manipulating real-live people, such as your employees, into giving out sensitive information and login credentials, is one of a cybercriminal’s most effective tactics.

In fact, experts state that social engineering is much more effective than electronic hacking and, therefore, more dangerous to your company. As in all things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to protect your organization from this kind of attack.


Get the facts you need to start your cybersecurity training program when you download the white paper, “How to Fortify Your Organization’s Last Layer of Security – Your Employees.”

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