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Will Your Employees Make You the Next Phishing Victim? Find Out. [In-Depth Report]

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Warning: The following phishing facts may upset you.  

  • More than 422 billion spam emails were sent every day in July, 2019.
  • Cybersecurity experts suggest that 1 out of every 101 emails is sent with malicious intent, including phishing emails.
  • The average employee doesn’t go 2 full days between phishing messages.

Since phishing emails are sent every day, it’s not a question of if your organization will be phished, but when that will happen… and, sorry to tell you, but there’s a good chance that today is your organization’s day to get phished.

The question is: will you become a victim?

Download the latest in-depth report, brought to you by the cybersecurity authorities at SWK Network Services, to find out the “Phish-Prone Percentage” of your organization’s industry – and learn how you can reduce your likelihood of getting phished. Download the report here.

What Is a Phish-Prone Percentage (PPP)?

In short, a “Phish-Prone Percentage” or “PPP” is the measurable prediction of whether your business will become the victim of a successful phishing attack. This groundbreaking metric helps companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, effectively determine and mitigate their cybercrime risk.

Developed through in-depth analysis of 241,000 Phishing Security Tests that affected more than 6 million companies across nearly 11,000 industries, the Phish-Prone Percentage aimed to provide a clear baseline for what companies like yours could expect to see with phishing attacks.

The results were surprising.

Discover Your Baseline PPP

At the beginning of the testing phase, companies across all industries and sizes demonstrated an average of a more than 1 in 4 likelihood of clicking on a suspicious link or obeying a fraudulent request, such as a wire transfer request.

The results were clear and consistent. Whether you had 1 employee or 1,000+, those employees became phishing victims a whopping 27% of the time.

That means that, right now, your organization has a 27% average probability of being phished.

However, the PPP testing also determined a way that companies like yours could cut their Phish-Prone Percentage in half within just 90 days – and could reduce their average phish failure rate by 94% in just 12 months!

Get the Report

Interested in cutting your Phish-Prone Percentage quickly? Want to know how you can protect your organization’s cybersecurity by blocking a large number of today’s most insidious cybercrime attacks (phishing)?

You can get all the info you need in the free report.

In addition to clear study data that can help you reduce your phishing risk, the report also includes:

  • In-depth chart breakdowns for ongoing phishing risk by industry and business size
  • 4 clear steps on how you can get started phish-proofing your organization
  • 5 best practices you can use to bring about lasting cybersecurity change
  • Disturbing phish facts about the insurance industry

At the end of the report, you’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for your own Free Phishing Security Test, so you can determine what percentage of your employees are Phish-Prone.


Get the “2018 Phishing by Industry Benchmarking Report” today, and take the first step toward having a better, more phish-resistant organization.  

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