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What SWK Managed Cloud Services Will Do for You

SWK-MCS-Managed-Cloud-Services-MSP-ITSWK Technologies’ Managed Cloud Services (MCS) division will provide your business with the tools, guidance and support you need to navigate the complex modern cybersecurity world. Your application stack and IT assets are mission-critical in today’s age of digital, and only dynamic solutions will mitigate downtime from either hackers or natural disasters. Read through the list below to discover just a few of the technology solutions MCS provides, and reach out to ASAP for a free consult to understand the full scope of value SWK will generate for your business.

Here are 11 examples of the technology and support solutions Managed Cloud Services will deliver to you:

Cybersecurity for the Cloud

Cloud-hosted environments are progressively infiltrating back office spaces, from storage platforms like Dropbox to the Microsoft 365 Office suite of apps. However, web-based endpoints bring significantly different user security concerns than traditional on-premise deployments, and which require good cyber hygiene to defend. SWK’s own cloud service offers you the ability to secure your digital infrastructure with real-time protection built specifically for this new reality, with proactive intrusion monitoring.

Software & Infrastructure Hosting

Managed Cloud Services provides your business with options for deploying your applications in an online environment, letting you decide how your system consumes IT resources. Experience with both network security and software implementation allows the SWK team to customize your environment while maintaining SSAE 16, SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPPA compliance. Choose how much of your system is hosted through our datacenter while maintaining complete control and ownership of your critical data.

Human Cyber Intelligence with SOC/SIEM

MCS enables cybersecurity in fast-paced, web-based networks by deploying a security operations center (SOC) staffed with veteran cyber intelligence and incident response (IR) professionals. Introducing this dynamic human element allows for real-time monitoring that can identify hacker footprints with accuracy and react decisively. SWK’s SOC is technology-agnostic and can work with any security information and event management (SIEM) solution, in addition to being scalable to your business size and scope.

Microsoft Office Support & Guidance

Microsoft 365 (the new Office 365 for SMBs) is the widely used cloud service in the business world, and chances are you already have a license allowing for every employee to download on their devices. However, are you sure that you are capturing the best value from all parts of your installation, or are there features still untapped by your users? MCS will not only help you manage your Office deployment, but will also guide you on using every app in the suite, the web-hosted databases in OneDrive and SharePoint, and the Teams communications platform.

Business Continuity & Backup for ERP

Having a thorough business continuity plan (BCP) is critical as your processes go through digital transformation, but are you certain your current strategy is fail-safe? Even the most basic (but integral) step, backing up your data, requires that you choose the right solution(s) for the software where your files live. With SWK’s in-depth knowledge of the IT needs of various ERP and industry-specific applications, we can help you track and deploy a BCP that fulfills your requirements, including for compliance.

Disaster Recovery from Ransomware

Disaster recovery solutions allow your business to survive the impact from several threats, but one of the most important factors is the ability to restore your systems after a ransomware infection. These types of attacks have been growing in sophistication as well as persistence, and the gangs that use them have put in increasing effort to prompting victims to pay. The only two effective solutions have been to prevent one and to ensure data can be backed up – SWK will help you maintain regular backups as well as redeploy clean files in the event of a breach.


Malware Protection & Antivirus

Modern business continuity and cybersecurity require more than traditional antivirus, but that does not take away the value of having these programs in place as a first layer of defense. MCS provides comprehensive and advanced antimalware solutions that will help keep your network protected against multiple types of attacks and user-level intrusions. These firewalls are designed to fight against modern cyber threats in the background without disrupting work, leveraging automation to streamline incident response.

User Security Tools & Training

User security can often the final line of cyber defense, yet so many employees remain in the dark about their vulnerability to various forms of cyber attack, including phishing and remote code execution (RCE). SWK will arm you with the tools you need to establish multiple layers of cybersecurity, as well as training that empowers everyone in your organization to spot red flags. With solutions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), virtual private networks (VPNs) and email encryption along with the right education, your business will be able to defend your data.

Network Vulnerability Testing

Penetration testing of your IT systems not only offers a good accounting of your security posture, but has become a compliance with several consumer privacy regulations. To help you determine if you are at risk of a data breach, MCS can conduct a Network Vulnerability Test that will map and scan up to five public IP addresses. A detailed report of our findings will help you discover any potential concerns before they become a liability, with follow-up support and strategy discussions to address those issues found.

Virtual Desktop & Server Deployment

Desktop and server virtualization enable you to consolidate hardware while scaling the available amount of interfaces for each user in your network. SWK will host your resources offsite or on-premise and provide continuous support for your environment that includes health monitoring and data recovery. We will work with you to design and deploy a solution that fits your needs, tailored to the devices you use and condensing touchpoints to those you require.

Co-Managed IT Support from Managed Cloud Services

Even if you have an existing in-house IT department, your business undoubtedly still has a hard time addressing every issue in your system, especially during periods of growth. As well as fill in if you lack any network support, SWK can augment the efforts of your current team whether you have an entire staff or just one acting systems engineer, providing all the resources and guidance at our disposal. Our co-managed IT service grants you the ability to plug in the gaps that your technicians are often too stretched to address day-in and day-out, and ensure that your infrastructure is handled with care.

Contact SWK MCS Today

Technology accelerates your business, but also added a whole host of new IT assets you either need to manage, or need to acquire to keep your systems running. SWK Managed Cloud Services will handle the breadth and depth of your stack from software applications to hardware to hosted environment, cybersecurity and support for each and every piece of it. Let SWK Technologies help your team manage your network with efficiency and pivot for the future.

Contact MCS today to discover what we can do for you and your mission-critical assets.

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