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The Affordable IT Support Model for Small Business

By June 15, 2020July 7th, 2020Blog, Business Value


Traditional IT support models are not cost-effective for what your small business needs in modern times, which means you required a much more evolved network security and helpdesk service. Coronavirus, digital transformation and many more developments have changed the way you do business, but the value of your web assets is offset by sheer market cost of protecting them. The most affordable way to ensure your networked resources are cybersecure is to co-manage your IT with an outsourced managed service like SWK.

Cost-Effective IT Support for Growing Businesses

As your business grows, so too will your IT needs – the more your workforce grows, the more network assets you will need to deploy. With more network assets comes the need for more IT staff or technology to automate related processes – and this still will not eliminate the ultimate need for more staff. Growth ensures your business survives, but technology ensures that your business grows and continues to deliver ROI.

Gone are the days of scraping by with informal IT roles and one-man IT departments. Network assets are everywhere in the modern office (and even more so when working from home), and protection needs to be scaled with your business size – unless you have a partner with the resources to scale your maintenance for you.

Guaranteed Network Security Coverage

No matter how big or small your business is, your network requires some level of security – everyone is a hacker target these days. As expensive as some cybersecurity solutions may seem, the alternative will cost you much more in ransomware payments, wire fraud, noncompliance penalties or system downtime, just to name a few consequences. Investing in your network assets must also include investing in cyber defense to protect their value.

There are so many IT items to address that it is easy to let some fall through the cracks for the sake of compartmentalization and prioritization, but every endpoint carries a data breach risk. Hardware and software are made of countless complex components, and hackers exploit the overlooked areas to piggyback on unsecured connections. Small and medium-sized businesses find it hard to commit the resources to address every gap, but co-managing with an outsourced IT partner will help you expand your network security coverage.



Around the Clock IT Helpdesk Resources

It can be tempting to simply try to get more out of your existing IT resources by stretching work hours or the use of your technology applications. However, this not a viable long-term solution and can actually end up causing harm to your network assets once the system breaks down. When you are already overextended is when your cybersecurity vulnerabilities will really impact your business, especially if an enterprising hacker figures out how to infect your database with ransomware.

SWK’s helpdesk service and endpoint security program can give around the clock access to support solutions when you co-manage your IT with us. By taking advantage of the resources we have to offer, you can ensure that your in-house IT never becomes overwhelmed trying to solve every problem every minute of the day.

Co-Manage Your IT with SWK Network Services Support

Don’t an understaff IT department slow your business growth, or worse, put your network at risk of an expensive breach. Learn how you can both protect your valuable and save costs when you co-manage your IT resources with SWK Technologies.

Download the CEO’s Guide to Co-managed IT to learn more.

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