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SWK at the New Jersey Land Title Association Conference

By July 25, 2017February 8th, 2019News

Last month the NWS team attended the New Jersey Land Title Association (NJLTA) conference at The Sagemore Resort on Lake George and had a great time meeting the attendees there and hearing about all the first-hand issues that they were encountering. Cyber security, email phishing and ransomware in the title industry were surely the hot topics! Since title companies handle large transactions all the time it makes them a prime target for phishing attempts to have funds transferred to hacker’s accounts. We look forward to seeing you at this or the next New Jersey Land Title Association event.

Protecting your business is important to us and after hearing about so many personal experiences with phishing threats and exploits, we wanted to make sure everyone is educated on phishing and that there is actually a service to help train employees. If you had not read about it before in our newsletter you can contact us to find out more information on Phishing Defender. Education and vigilance are our best defense against phishing and ransomware and that’s what Phishing Defender is about!!