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SOUL Solar Scroll

By May 22, 2019Blog

Spring is upon us and so is the warmer weather. Everyone is starting to spend more time outdoors and on the go. Unfortunately for most people that means you have limited access to power and your devices are getting more use on the go. Sure, there are little power banks that some people have but it still requires you to be hooked up to an outlet at some point. What if you are gone camping for a weekend or go on a long hike. Even just enjoying some time at the beach is enough to kill your battery, especially if you are playing music. The SOUL Solar Scroll might just be the solution for those of you who need to take some extra power with you.

The SOUL Solar Scroll uses the latest solar technology to create a super compact and light weight solar charger. It is built to last using military grade thin film that is durable, lightweight, waterproof, and flexible. It even works in overcast conditions, which not all solar technology can do. It packs a 5200 mAh battery which is enough to charge a couple phones without recharging from the sun, and even has quick charge technology, which most power banks and solar chargers do not, so even if you are just stopping for a few minutes you can get a decent charge.

The gadget is great for anyone who likes to get outdoors, you don’t even have to be hiking or camping, simple everyday use can be practical. For instance, if you are at a sporting event for the kids or sitting outside at a coffee shop the Solar Scroll might be exactly what you have been looking for.

Right now you can find it on kickstarter for $129. The gadget is still in “pre-order” status on their website, but the first of the devices started shipping to early backers April 12, 2019 as they ramp up production.

For the right lifestyle this gadget could be the perfect fit. What do you think?