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Sophisticated Phishing Scam Imitates Apple Support

By February 11, 2019March 13th, 2019Blog, iPhone

iphone phishing scam

A new iPhone phishing scam has come to the attention of several tech and cybercrime publications, in which the perpetrators have managed to almost flawlessly emulate Apple Support’s official profile. The scam consists of an automated call to an iPhone that warns the user of a data breach experienced by Apple that compromised several use IDs. The message then instructs the user to contact Apple Support at a separate 1-800 number.

The nature of the scam itself is not necessarily new, but reviews of the number from which the calls originate from have consistently portrayed it as belonging to Apple Support with no indications otherwise. iPhones display the caller’s profile containing all the details of the genuine Support number, including Apple’s home webpage and the physical address of their headquarters. Would-be victims who contacted the real Support hotline confirmed that side-by-side comparisons of the calls looked exactly the same.

Apple has been a frequent target of these types of phishing scams, along with several other popular media companies. This is technically not even the first to leverage Apple’s official channels to lure in unsuspecting victims, though it is one of the most sophisticated examples seen thus far. In any form, phishing is designed to catch someone off-guard and this means that scammers are always introducing new methods to do so.

Protect Yourself from Phishing

Many often underestimate how easy it is to fall for a phishing scam, but without recognizing the signs, you – or one of your employees – may end up at the mercy of a cybercriminal masquerading as a customer support representative. Ensuring that everyone in your business is trained to spot the red flags will enable you to keep your organization protected from unexpected scams.

Sign up to learn more about our Phishing Defender solution and find out how you can gain access to training, analysis and other resources that will prepare your business for the worst. We will also be hosting a webinar March 12th, 2019 “The Cybersecurity Risks for Everyone (and how to combat them)” that takes a detailed look at how you can prevent phishing.

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