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Shiny Gadgets of the Month: Roku Streambar and Ember Mug

By December 4, 2020December 17th, 2020News

Winter is almost here and so are the holidays. To give some extra gift ideas we’re featuring a couple gadgets that fit right in with this time of year.

The first is the Roku Streambar. It combines a Roku 4k streaming device with a soundbar with Dolby Audio technology to instantly upgrade any TV that could use a little boost. Not only will it play audio from your TV but will also work as a Bluetooth speaker for a connected device like your phone to stream music.

Considering a Roku streaming device alone can run you anywhere between $30 to $100 this combination device for $130 is a pretty good deal and uses the streaming tech of the higher end stream only devices. So, if you’re looking for an all in one upgrade for a TV this could be a good choice. Take a look for yourself on Roku’s website.

If you’re all set on your home entertainment maybe you are looking for an upgrade for your home office. The Ember Mug is a mug that will keep your drink hot, especially in these colder months where letting your morning coffee sit out will end in a cold disappointing sip after only a little while. The Ember Mug does more then just keep it warm though, it will allow you to set an exact temperature using an app, so you can have it exactly the way you like it for a long time.

It comes in a 10oz or 14oz style and is safe to hand wash and submerse in a meter of water, so no need to worry about damaging your fancy mug when washing. The built-in battery will last up to 1.5 hours, or if you leave it on the charging coaster it will stay warm all day if you so choose. There is an LED indicator to let you know when the beverage has reached its set temperature and will intelligently turn itself on or off.

While this is not a cheap mug with a price tag of $130 for the 14oz mug and $100 for the 10oz, it is certainly a cool gadget and would get good use. Check it out for yourself on their website.