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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Yardroid

By May 17, 2021Blog

I think that most of us would agree that yard work is not something that we love to do. It takes time, it is hot out, no one likes crouching over a garden pulling weeds, but what if you didn’t have to? What if there was a single solution to many of those tasks you don’t like to do? Well…Yardroid just might be the answer to those questions.

Aimed and being environmentally friendly Yardroid is a multi-tasking all-in-one robot that handles a bunch of landscaping chores. First and foremost it can mow your lawn, which is not an entirely new concept, but what Yardroid bring to the table other robot mowers can’t is all the extra features. It can rake, seed, and fertilize your yard using built in dispensers. It can even irrigate your lawn and plants.  Through the use of a water gun and storing water inside it can pin point plants, water grass with precise accuracy, and amount of water so you are not wasting resources. Just as it can determine plants that need water, it can also spot weeds and dispense weed killer on target. There is even pest control mode, which will use rapid movements or if necessary, the water gun to scare off things like bird or rabbits that are trying to eat your garden. If there are bugs it has pesticide for that too. Don’t like raking leaves? Yardroid can consistently blow debris away so that large heaps of leaves never form. Same goes for snow, with a plow attachment it can keep snow from accumulating too much in an area. While the inventors don’t boast that it will move feet of snow or heaps of leaves, having something working on it consistently should make your life easier so nothing ever just piles up. The Yardroid even can act as a home security solution by using its water gun and speakers to distract, record, and possibly deter intruders.

You’re probably wondering how does a little robot water your lawn and how many times am I going to have to fill this thing up and charge it. Well the answer is it does it on its own. It has a wireless charging station and will automatically charge itself if the battery starts to get low. For water, it comes with a companion water valve which attaches to your spigot and is solar powered so that Yardroid can just access water as it needs it. Lastly, if you just wanted to play around with the robot yourself you can take over with a manual pilot app on your smartphone and control the gadget yourself.

While the project is still in kickstarter at the time of writing they have it listed at $2600 as a backer deal with an estimated ship date of November 2021 and a suggested MSRP for a live launch at $3799, but that is subject to change. They also have a website with more details. This gadget is certainly not meant to be a cheap gimmick, but this little robot could certainly be handy. It will be interesting to see how it handles in real life, because if they can deliver on these features it could be the start automated yard work.