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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Twinkly Strings

By January 20, 2023Blog

The holidays may be in our rear-view mirror for the moment, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from looking forward to the upcoming 2023 holiday season. If you’re someone who enjoys smart lights that are highly customizable then the Twinkly Strings could be for you.

Twinkly Strings are smart LED lights, that while are displayed on their website for Christmas trees, they also note that you can use them for adding some fun to a room too. Compatible with your smart home devices and a connected app, these lights are able to be controlled to set up a variety of premade effects or design your own. If you’ve ever seen one of those viral videos with lights synced to music you too can do that with the Twinkly Strings. The way they work is by using the app to map each individual light in your set up and then utilize the app to load desired effects.

If that wasn’t enough, they announced at CES 2023 that soon these lights will be able to recreate images from your connected devices screen, through the use of their app. That’s right, let your mind wander with the possibilities. This means you can watch your favorite Christmas movies on your actual Christmas tree! Now, obviously you are not going to have a crisp 4k display, but the novelty of it is surely something to be admired. There’s no holiday party where this would go unnoticed and is sure to be a great conversation piece.

So, if you’re someone who likes to have a little fun with your lighting these may be worth checking out. You may have guessed that the technology behind these lights is a bit above your standard string lights, so the price is too, but may be less than you think. With strands starting at $75 you could still have fun with these lights without going broke. To truly get a sense of what these look like check them out for yourself on their website.