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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Tube Runner

By July 21, 2020News

Summer is in full swing now and with options more limited than usual this summer people are looking for fun new ways to cool off. Fortunately, there is an fun new inflatable tube that is sure to be the talk of the pool, lake, river, or wherever you are able to get to the water.

PoolCandy Tube Runner is a motorized tube that is sure to be the envy of the water. This inflatable tube uses a joystick to control a propeller that is safely enclosed to prevent injury. It can go in 360 degrees for sharp turns, spins, and whatever else you want to do. On their website they show off the tube in action and it looks pretty fun. From being able to just motor around a pool, to playing bumper cars, going to retrieve a drink at the edge of the water, you can have some fun with this gadget.

It is a little surprising that this sort of thing has not been out for a while, it looks incredibly fun to use and is a simple design. You use a joystick to control the propeller direction and thrust. It is powered by 6 D batteries, has a enclosed propeller, and is large enough for an adult to sit comfortably in along with a drink holder. What more could you want?

At the moment the Tube Runner is up for pre-order and will be shipping later this summer. The only real drawback appears to be the price at $130. While it seems a little pricey for an inflatable pool toy it really is a fun idea. Who wouldn’t want to spend a little extra to motor around the water on their float while everyone else is drifting around aimlessly? Would you buy one of these? See more for yourself on their website.