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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Tonal the compact home gym

By April 8, 2021April 22nd, 2021News

The weather is starting to warm back up and people are starting to feel more motivated to exercise again. However, the problem remains of actually being able to find something that meets your needs. Maybe you’re not comfortable going to the gym with the ongoing pandemic, or you’ve been trying to work out at home, but don’t have the proper equipment or space for it. This is where the future of compact digital weight training equipment is coming to help.

Tonal is the ultimate weightlifting gadget that is not only packed with technology, but also is very compact and can provide a wide range of activities. Tonal does more than what many other at home fitness tech does, it is not just a program telling you to use your body weight or a bike and guiding you through work outs. It is a full-on weight training machine, that also guides you through workouts. You can even work out to their playlists which are integrated right into the machine.

Tonal is a large wall mounted device with a big digital screen and adjustable arms that extend out from the system for adjustable cable resistance. Workouts are delivered by trainers on screen and will help you determine what you want to accomplish. If you prefer to set your own work outs you can program your own or do a free lift too. The system uses electromagnetic force instead of heavy plates to set resistance and has a variety of attachments for different workouts.

Beyond setting work outs it has lots of intelligent features and will adjust settings based on your goals and workout automatically, or if you’re not getting full range of motion with your reps it will instruct you to correct your form. If you cannot finish a set it can lower the weight to push you to finish. Essentially Tonal will learn from our workout and adjust to your body. With up to 100 pounds of resistance per arm this is sure to meet the needs of anyone looking to get a good weightlifting work out in.

While this does sound pretty awesome, all this tech does come at a price. It is listed at $2,995 with options for additional accessories and professional installation is required. That being said if you’ve ever looked at professional gym equipment this is not a bad deal, especially considering all the workout equipment that you may need to get a similar variety of exercises could easily take up your garage. Check it out for yourself at their website.