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Shiny Gadget of the Month: The Freestyle

By February 17, 2022News

In the TV market there is stiff competition with companies trying to find the next tech advancement. For us that means there is always something a little different coming out and this little gadget is here to try some new ideas.

Samsung has created The Freestyle, a portable projector that can deliver video from 30 to 100 inches and uses the same familiar UI that their TV’s do. While a portable projector is no new concept, some of the features for this are pretty neat. For instance, The Freestyle can be angled for use on any wall space and will automatically adjust the picture to give you a nice level rectangular view. It also uses smart color calibration to adjust the picture if you don’t have a white wall or screen handy. If you want to take it on the go it is compatible with an external power source like a power bank.

Aside from the great TV features, Samsung gave The Freestyle some pretty cool additional functionality for this portable projector. For one, it comes with a 360-degree speaker which can be used as a smart speaker and can be controlled with voice commands. It also comes with a lens cap that dual functions as an ambient light projector to turn your room into a party. Lastly, they have a light bulb socket adapter so you can plug it into a ceiling light and project the image onto a table or floor.

Whatever the case may be The Freestyle is a pretty neat concept for a gadget and for those who are looking for a TV that can adapt to their house or room this could be a perfect fit. You can find this gadget on their website now for $899.99.