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Shiny Gadget of the Month: SwitchBot Curtain

By November 18, 2019News

The concept of a smart home is constantly expanding. There are more and more devices being created to make our everyday lives just a little bit easier and automated, who knows in a few years we may not ever have to get up to do anything anymore. The SwitchBot Curtain is just one step closer to that reality. This nifty little gadget can make any set of curtains smart in a few seconds. If there is one thing that can be a pain to work with it is curtains. A lot of homes have them in some difficult to reach places, or maybe you’re just comfortable on the couch and the sun suddenly comes shining in, who wants to get up and close them…

The little robot has been designed to retrofit most curtains on the market. So that means no big expensive devices or special curtain rods are needed. The SwitchBot Curtain also is versatile so there is just one unit that can be modified to fit different style curtains, not different units based on the style. It runs on battery and has an option for a solar panel you can attach so you never have to worry about charging it. It has a variety of features, like a light sensor that you can program to react to the light for opening or closing curtains. You can program it on a cycle to open during the day, close at night, wake you in the morning, or even just open and close throughout the day to thwart burglars giving the appearance someone is home.

You can control the SwitchBot Curtain with an app on your phone, smart home voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts. It even has physical remote controls if that is your preference. Right now you can find this cool gadget on kickstarter. At the time of writing it has $344,440 of funding and a goal of $20,000 so I think it is safe to say it has surpassed it. Right now the estimated ship date is April 2020 and you can still be an early bird backer for $69 and get one of the devices when it launches.

This is a really neat concept that could be useful to a lot of people. All those backers certainly agree too. What do you think?