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Shiny Gadget of the Month: SunnySide: The Smart Solar-Powered LunchBox

By May 23, 2023News

We all love our food. It is even better when it can be enjoyed at the proper temperature and not nuked in a microwave. The challenge is when you have to transport food, whether you’re packing a lunch for work or just going on a weekend adventure. What if you had the ability to bring hot or cold food and keep it that way? Well the SunnySide: The Smart Solar-Powered LunchBox is here to make that dream a reality.

You may not be fully comprehending the idea, so let’s paint a picture. You could take your soup or pasta dish on the road and have it at just the right temperature without reheating it, you can have it anywhere. Hot food not your thing? Maybe you want some ice cream to take to the beach and not have it be a melted puddle. This little gadget allows you to do all of that. What’s more is that it is even solar powered!

Here’s how the SunnySide LunchBox works. It uses a system of fans and coolant to keep your food cold and induction coils to evenly heat your food in a matter of minutes. As previously mentioned it is solar powered and has a power bank that can keep your food fresh for up to 20 hours, or even charge your phone if you wanted. The craziest thing about this gadget is that you can put it in your dishwasher, the whole thing is 100% safe to wash. As with all smart gadgets anymore it comes with a connected app that you can use to adjust the temperature and control the lunchbox.

This is a pretty unique gadget that could have some interesting applications. If you like to get out and go but not have to sacrifice the comforts of packing a hot or cold meal this could be what you’re looking for. The added benefit of solar power and the ability to charge your phone makes this even more enticing for that trip out into the great outdoors. While at the time of writing it not currently ready for sale, but you can reserve your early bird special pricing on the prelaunch website.