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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Sonos Move Portable Speaker

By December 5, 2019News

Sonos, who has been regarded as one of the top speaker producers announced this year a first for them… a portable speaker. While obviously the concept of a portable speaker is nothing new Sonos had never created one.

They call it, Sonos Move, and it packs many of the features that other high end portable speakers have like being weather resistant, high quality sound, and shock resistant, but they’ve also added some new features. The most notable is the tweak they did to their Trueplay calibration system that allows the speaker to automatically calibrate for the best possible sound. It was demoed at a preview event by placing it on a bookshelf (one of the worst spots for it due to the reverberations of the space) and after a few seconds it adjusted to compensate for the echoes.

The battery is supposed to last 10 hours on a charge and can easily be kept charged by placing on its wireless ring base. Setup is simple and consists of just plugging in the device, downloading the app, and linking it up with the speaker. It also comes with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built right in so you have your voice assistants ready to go without an extra connection to a device being required.

These features seem like they could be great for anyone who enjoys their music (and who doesn’t), especially if they already have Sonos speakers in their home because it will connect right in with the rest of their Sonos sound system. Even if they don’t, having a top of the line speaker that is portable brings it own advantages. Now you can bring your tunes outside, follow you around to any room in your home, out to a tailgate, or even to the beach.

The only real drawback for some might be the price which comes in at $399. Though for anyone who is familiar with high end speakers this is not extreme. It certainly seems like a really cool gadget for the holidays and the AI audio calibration is intriguing. You can find out more on their site What do you think of Sonos’ latest speaker?