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Shiny Gadget of the Month: SOLSOL Solar Hat

By July 19, 2018November 20th, 2018Blog

Everyone has gadgets now. It is almost impossible to find someone with out a device that uses a rechargeable battery. The one downside to this is that these devices need to be recharged from time to time. Cellphones are notorious for running out of battery life and so little portable power banks were created to charge your device on the go. However, these usually need to be charged themselves and can be cumbersome as just another thing to have to carry around with you. What if you didn’t have to carry one at all AND it charged itself?

Look no further than the SOLSOL Solar Hat. This is a unique gadget that not only is a hat but is also a solar charger with a built-in power bank. The hat uses the popular 5 panel design and is lightweight, comfortable, and water resistant. It looks just like any other hat, except it has solar panels on the bill. All you need to do is wear it around and you can plug your USB into a hidden pocket that discretely holds the battery.

The SOLSOL company aims to try and make a difference with clean, renewable energy. They state “SOLSOL is not just a brand name, but a statement for everyone who believes in clean energy, in healing our world (lowering our CO2 emissions) and making a difference one SOLSOL at a time. Each individual that participates will truly help fight the good fight. It’s not a huge statement, individually, but each small step counts and adds up. Use the solar power to charge your devices, and make some change.”

You can see more for yourself here on the site