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Shiny Gadget of the Month: SJÖMÄRKE IKEA’s Wireless Charger

By September 24, 2021September 27th, 2021Blog

In today’s world everyone has a cell phone and uses a phone charger. Chargers come in all shapes and sizes and work by plugging into or wirelessly charging your phone. You probably even have a few around your home or office. The thing is, sometimes they just clutter things up, but there is a neat little gadget that is taking a new approach to the phone charger.

When you think of IKEA you probably think furniture. However, they also have some nifty little gadgets. SJÖMÄRKE is IKEA’s Wireless Charger that is offering a new take on charging. It can be attached to the bottom of any wood or plastic table with double sided tape to turn that spot on the table into a wireless charging station. This could be a fun addition for just about anywhere in your home or office. You could easily add this to your desk, coffee table, nightstand, kitchen table… the possibilities are endless.

Note that you still have to plug the gadget into an outlet and it will not turn your entire table into a charging pad (you’ll have to place it over the spot of the charger). As far as the table itself goes ideally you want the tabletop to be less than an inch thick to ensure optimal charging. That being said it is still a cool idea and application. It uses Qi technology which is pretty standard across today’s popular phones like Apple, Google, and Samsung.

One of the best parts is that while some gadgets can cost an arm and a leg, this charger is only $40. So, if you’re looking for a new way to wow your friends with a neat little gadget go ahead and turn your furniture into a wireless charger. You can check it out for yourself on IKEA’s website.