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By February 10, 2021February 19th, 2021Blog

Everyone enjoys listening to music, a pod cast, or audio book and we all inevitably shower. Ampere has the solution once and for all in Shower Power, a hydro powered speaker.

Existing waterproof speakers either aren’t great or can be a pain to charge. Shower Power runs off of your water so once you install it you never have to worry about it again. Installation is designed to be super easy with a universal design to fit any showerhead. It essentially works like a water wheel in a dam and uses the flow of the shower to charge its battery (without inhibiting water pressure). The little gadget is ecofriendly too, not only for using your shower water to power it, but is made from recycled ocean plastic too.

The gadget made its debut at CES earlier this year and is still up on indiegogo and has gotten praise from many of the big tech sites like The Verge, CNET, Digital Trends and others. It comes in three colors, white, black, and chrome. By reaching one of their goals they are also offering a LED light edition for when you want to have a light show to go with your music as you jam out. Even if you’re not actually showering you can still run the speaker which states it has 14 hours of playback on a charge. It has large physical buttons and if it is in a hard to reach place there is a waterproof remote as well.

Shower Power has a current estimated shipping date of May 2021 and you can still lock in an early bird pricing for $79 on the indiegogo page (regularly $100) along with some upgraded versions as well. For those of you who have flirted with getting a shower speaker but never pulled the trigger maybe this is the one for you. The idea of a self-sustaining speaker is pretty cool. We will have to wait and see how the public accepts it in May. Let us know what you think!