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Shiny gadget of the month: Scotts Gro Sensors and Controller

By May 23, 2018November 20th, 2018Blog

Warmer weather is finally here, leaves are coming back on trees, flowers are blooming, and you are probably starting to spend time outside getting your yard or garden in shape for the year. We’ve shown many smart home products for inside your home, but what about the outside?

It can be a struggle to keep up with watering your lawn, flowers, and especially your garden. No one wants their hard work to go to waste if you forget to water and have those tomatoes you’ve been patiently waiting on to grow to suddenly die before you get to reap the rewards. That is where Scotts Gro™ Water Sensors and Controller comes in.

The Scotts Gro Water Sensors focus on helping you monitor your plant’s soil. By using 32 sensors that compare moisture levels in soil to a plant-specific database it can tell you just how much moisture you need and if you need to water your plants. This takes all the guess work out and gives real feedback via an app for your smartphone. Setup is simple too, you just need to plug in the hub, place your sensor and connect to the app to get going.

If you have an inground sprinkler system the Gro™ Smart Controller takes things to the next level. The controller uses the weather and even your schedule to optimize watering schedules. By using

real time weather data it can automatically adjust your schedule to save you water. You can also control your sprinklers with the app for your smart device. It is even simple to install. No need to dig or hire a contractor.

These gadgets help optimize your yard and save you time and money. They could certainly be a big help to anyone who needs that extra help keeping everything growing alive and well. The Sensor starter Kit starts at $99.99 with additional sensors for $39.99. The Controller is $149.99. You can learn more for yourself at their site