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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Rocketbook Fusion

By September 24, 2019September 25th, 2019Blog, News

September is here! That means school is back in session and the need for school supplies resumes. Whether it be for school or work, most people have a use for a notebook. The one downside to notebooks is that it can be hard to organize or find notes. Maybe the just fill up too quickly and you have to keep a collection of them in order to retain your notes. Well, the Rocketbook Fusion aims to change that for you.

The Rocketbook Fusion is a reusable pen and paper notebook. It gives you the tactile feel and ability to draw, diagram, write, and whatever else your heart desires with the added convenience of the ability to save, organize, digitize, and wipe clean that a normal notebook just doesn’t have.

It works by using a special pen to take your notes, when you are finished you take a picture of it with your mobile phone using an app and it uploads the image, then you can wipe the page down with a damp cloth and start over. While you might say “I can just take a picture with my phone of a piece of paper and do the same thing” the Rocketbook Fusion has some nice little quality of life features. For one there are icons at the bottom of the page that you can mark and it will organize those pages and send them off to designated destination. Another is that the app works to learn and adapt to take quality photos for your scans and can even turn the titles into file names. Then there is simply the sustainability of it, you just wipe and start over, no wasted paper or a library of notebooks. It even comes with a variety of templates to choose from like task lists, weekly or monthly calendars, dot-grid pages, lined pages, and more.

This doesn’t have to just apply to school either. Almost anyone can benefit from this, even if you are just using it to whiteboard ideas or map something out. I’m sure most people can attest to filling up legal pads with ideas or notes, then wanting to reference a note weeks later and not being able to easily find it. Simply being able to organize handwritten notes could be a huge plus for anyone.

All these features and the concept of a “smart” notebook may seem like it could be an expensive gadget. However, the Rocketbook Fusion is only $37. For the cost of a weekly planner you might get at an office supply place and a notebook or two you’re probably already close to that cost. It certainly seems like an interesting product, you can see it for yourself on their website with even more details about it here Would you give it a try?