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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Ring Always Home Cam

By October 19, 2020Blog, News

When it comes to home security, technology has made leaps and bounds over the past several years. A market that used to be comprised of complex and expensive systems has seen more affordable and simple solutions come into play. Ring for example has a wide array of home security devices available that will do a good job of covering your home security and surveillance. However, they have a new gadget coming out that is like something about of science fiction. A drone security camera…

The new Always Home Cam is quite literally a camera that will fly around your home so that no stone gets left unturned. Forget stationary mounted cameras that just give you a single view, this drone cam will seek out disturbances trigged by alarms or go on a patrol for you. The Always Home Cam is autonomous so there is no need to pilot it around (in fact they don’t allow you to manually control it), and when it is done its patrol it will dock back in the station to change for the next flight.

The way is works is you set a designated path that you map out manually with the drone, then after that is done it can chart the course on its own. It also is supposed to come with obstacle avoidance technology and the propellers are protected so it should avoid any possible damage inside your home, or an unsuspecting person or pet.

While people may be split on whether this sounds really cool or really invasive to privacy it is certainly a unique idea. Ring is adding end to end encryption later this year for added data security, and when docked the camera is tucked inside the charger so it only records during flight. It was also said that it was designed to make noise from the propellers so that you are aware of the drone and when video is recording.

The concept for this came from finding an affordable solution for those who wanted to be able to have surveillance of their home but didn’t want to pay for all the individual cameras it would take to get coverage. Since the drone can move about the home, only one would be needed. It also gives you the ability to check on things for peace of mind, like “did I leave a window open”.

The Ring Always Home Cam is expected in 2021 for $249.99. You can find out more and see a little demo video here.