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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Reencle Home Composter

By March 23, 2023Blog

Spring is finally here, whether it feels like it or not yet, and that means people are getting ready to spend more time outdoors and gardening. If you like to be self-sustainable and want healthier plants, the Reencle Home Composter could be what you’ve been looking for. This kitchen gadget helps you eliminate food waste and turn it into organic natural compost in as little as a matter of hours.

The way Reencle works is through the use of special microbes, a stirring rod and blade, and filtration system to quickly change your food waste into rich fertilizer. Just add your food waste, like fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and more and let this nifty gadget to the rest. Once Reencle has worked its magic the fertilizer can be spread on top of the soil of your lawn, garden, or indoor potted plants, releasing the nutrients back to the soil for your plants. If you’re concerned that a gadget like this could be noisy or worse…smelly… you have nothing to fear. Through a series of filters Reencle eliminates odors and its silent operation is only a mere 28dB (barely more than the sound of fallen leaves).

With Reencle you can dispose of up to 2.2 pounds of food scraps per day and depending on how often you use it empty it out every 1-3 months. Since it uses minimal power, it is stated to only cost a couple dollars a month to operate. They have a couple options for purchase, a one-time cost for $500 (at the time of writing) or a subscription model of $30/month. For those who have a green thumb and keep plants around your home or garden outside or just like to live a sustainable eco friendly life, this could be the gadget for you. Discover more for yourself on their website.