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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Razer’s Project Hazel

By January 4, 2021January 22nd, 2021Blog

Each year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place showcasing some of the latest tech for the upcoming year. There are always lots of cool gadgets to look at, but one that stood out due to today’s “new normal” was Razer’s “Project Hazel” face mask. Razer, normally a gaming focused company has designed a face mask that is reminiscent of their gaming offerings with lights and a sleek design.

The mask itself is packed with tech too, it is not just a cool looking gadget, but a useful one too. It has a N95 surgical respirator for protection and a detachable ventilator to regulate airflow. The design for the face shield is transparent so people can actually see your mouth and with a low light mode it will light up the interior when it is dark. Something that is really unique to Project Hazel is it has a built-in mic and amplifier combo to project your voice so you are not muffled. Since Razer couldn’t resist adding some flair to this cool gadget, they added customizable lighting offering over 16 million colors and a suite of effects for you to give some individuality to your mask.

If you’re concerned about something like this inhibiting airflow they’ve taken steps to prevent that. With replaceable filters and optimized airflow that allows cool air to come in and release heat produced from exhaling and CO2 build up it promises to give you a great experience. It also has an air-tight seal and has adjustable bands to ensure it fits comfortably on your face.

One of the coolest features of this mask is that it has a dual-purpose charger. When you are home and ready to take your mask off you place it in a wireless charging case that not only charges it up, but sanitizes it with a UV sterilizer.

Unfortunately, Project Hazel is not quite ready for distribution and does not have a price associated with it or a release date set. However, based on the prototypes and the amount of detail they’ve put into this hopefully it will not be far off. You can check out more along with a video on their website.