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Shiny Gadget of the Month – Rachio Smart Hose Timer

By April 17, 2023News

Watering your lawn and garden can be a pain. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a sprinkler system or simply just doesn’t have the need for one, but no matter the size if you have a lawn or garden there comes a time where it needs water. However, if you have a hose and an outdoor faucet you can create your own automated watering system with the help of the Rachio Smart Hose Timer.

Rachio has created a Smart Hose Timer where you simply attach to your hose, download the app, and connect to Wi-Fi and you’re all set within a matter of minutes. Set up a sprinkler to water your lawn or garden and with your phone you can set schedules to keep everything growing and healthy. It even has a flow meter to make sure that water is flowing so you’ll always be in the know. If it rains this gadget is savvy enough to skip that watering cycle saving you water, money and preventing over watering of plants. In fact their mission is to conserve water through mitigating waste. Should you want more than one smart hose timer you can program multiple valves to water different parts of your yard from different faucets.

If you hate manually watering things or just have a garden you want to ensure stays happy and healthy this could be the gadget for you. Right now their website has the Smart Hose Timer Starter Kit on presale for $99.99 and expect it so ship mid-April (so any day now).