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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Prinker

By August 21, 2020News

There has been so much focus on work from home lately with everything going on (and rightfully so), but what about the day when we get back to normal? Truth be told this gadget seems like it will be just as much fun for using at home now,  but it has some pretty cool applications for once we get back to normal and things like in person trade shows become a thing again. This gadget is called Prinker and it is a portable temporary tattoo printer.

The concept is really neat. You can print temporary tattoos anywhere. It has thousands of pre-done designs, but also gives you the ability to create custom ones. So whether you want to just play around with it at home and test out their designs, create one of your own for special occasions, or maybe you have thought about getting a tattoo, but wanted to see if you really liked it…this gadget can be the way to do it all. From a business standpoint bring one of these to the next trade show you have a booth at and do some personalized branding or just offer up some fun designs, it would be super unique and a fun way to engage with people.

The operation of Prinker is simple. Use the app to choose a design or draw your own, send it to the device using Bluetooth, prime your skin with their special primer spray, then slowly rub the device across the area to bring your tattoo to life. Everything is skin safe, waterproof and will last up to two days, but can be easily removed with soap and water at any time. Each cartridge holds enough ink to produce up to 1000 tattoos.

This is a really unique product that has so many fun and practical applications. It seems like such a fun thing for personal and professional use that luckily you don’t have to choose between the two. The price tag is not super cheap, but for what trade show costs are $269 isn’t that crazy, ink refills will run between $99 to $150 depending on color or not. You can find out more info for yourself on their website