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Shiny Gadget of the Month: PopGrip JumpStart

By April 19, 2022News

If there is something that pretty much everyone has at this point it is a cell phone. So, with Mother’s Day is coming up and you’re looking for something that anyone could enjoy this gadget could be for you. PopSockets has come up with a portable battery pack “PopGrip JumpStart” that also doubles as a PopSocket grip. No more awkward external battery laying around connected by a cable to the phone in your hand. Now everything is convenient and compact.

This little gadget is simple yet effective when it comes to maximizing the utility of your PopSocket. If you are not familiar with a PopSocket, it is a small attachment that goes on the back of your phone to help you handle it more easily with one hand. This particular grip will not only function as a PopSocket grip but will charge your phone as well. So, if you have one of PopSocket’s mounts on your phone already this can be swapped out when you need an extra charge.

The PopGrip Jumpstart will give you approximately 50% of your phones power back, which should be plenty to get you through your day or to use in an emergency situation. The cord is easily hidden when not in use and will tuck right into the grip. As previously mentioned, since you’ll need to have a PopSocket already in order to mount this, it is easy to swap on and off with other PopSockets when you don’t need the extra battery boost.

This unique take on an external power source is certainly worth a consideration if you are already using PopSockets for your phone (or even if you’re not).  Even better yet, while some techy gadgets might have a hefty price tag this is a very reasonable $35 on their website right now.