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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Pick-up Pools

By April 17, 2019August 19th, 2019Blog

Spring is here and with it comes warmer weather. After a long winter everyone wants to get outside and get some fresh air. Before you know it people will be swimming and trying to cool off in pools, but maybe you don’t have a pool. Do you have a truck? If you do then this gadget will turn your truck into a pool!

Pick-up Pools, like most inventions, was inspired by Tommy Prestella’s (the inventor of pick-up pools) toddler daughter asking him to go swimming, but they didn’t have a pool. So he made a makeshift one with a tarp in the back of his truck. From there he came up with an idea that would create liners to make the bed of a truck water-tight.

Tommy has been selling the product on his website for a few years, but due to having to change manufacturers and being deployed to Africa he has had a slower start to kick things off. However, they were recently featured on the TV show Shark Tank and had Mark Cuban invest in his idea.

You can get one right now on their website an option to fit any size pick-up truck. This would certainly be a fun thing to have this summer. If you don’t have access to a pool you can casually hang out in the back of your truck wherever you wanted. It would certainly turn heads at any tailgate. Or who wouldn’t want to back their truck up to their kid’s baseball game and chill in the pool in style.

While it may not be for everyone the pick-up pool certainly seems like it would be a fun gadget to play around with this summer. What do you think?