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Shiny gadget of the month: Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro

By March 23, 2020News

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. Many companies offer work from home options, or even if they don’t just about everyone has worked out of the office for one reason or another. The one difficulty with working while traveling or taking your laptop home is that you might lose out on some of the amenities of working in an office, such as having multiple monitors. If you are used to having more than one monitor you can surely attest to the difficulty of adjusting to just a single laptop monitor when you go mobile and work outside the office. However, Mobile Pixels created the DUEX Pro to solve this very problem.

The DUEX Pro is a 12.5 inch second screen for your laptop. Now, when I say second screen it does not mean a separate monitor that you sit on a desk, but instead a monitor that is neatly tucked behind your existing laptop screen and slides out next to it, all while remaining attached to your laptop. At 1.7 lbs it is light weight and easily stows away with your laptop to make transportation simple as if it was never there. The DUEX Pro was designed to be energy efficient too so that you don’t drain your battery.

The way it works is by using adhesive magnets you attach to the back of your laptop screen. The DUEX Pro has a housing that magnetizes to the back of the laptop screen. You then just attach the USB cable to the screen and you’re all set. It has the ability to slide out to the side, or completely flip around to present your screen on the back for someone sitting in front of you too.

Mobile Pixels designed their DUEX Pro for just about everything. Work, play, travel, productivity, and most importantly affordability. They wanted everyone to have access to such a game changing gadget that they made it a point to keep pricing affordable. At $250 it is not something that breaks the bank, and has the utility of something you would expect to cost more. You can see more about the DUEX Pro on their website Is this something that you think would help with your productivity? Let us know!