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Shiny gadget of the month: MirrorVue – Smart Touch Mirror

By April 7, 2018May 26th, 2020News

Get ready to step into the future. In this age of information and technology we can never seem to get enough, especially with the busy lives we all live. What would you say to having a computer built into your mirror to display news, weather, and so much more? Brushing your teeth at night wondering what the weather might be the next morning? Maybe you are getting ready for work and want to see what you have on your agenda or get the latest news? The MirrorVue is your answer.

Evervue, a company that offers a variety of display products from smart mirrors, to outdoor all weather TV’s has their MirrorVue products that range from a bathroom mirror to  commercial products such as mirrors for stores or, as in one example, a gym’s mirror wall. Their list of examples are all truly fascinating to think about. A bathroom vanity for home use, a salon smart mirror that you could use for so many applications from entertainment to styling, a conference room mirror that would be sure to impress, even clubs, malls, and hospitals. They possibilities are endless and they all have potential for a unique twist. Perhaps my favorite is the example of using it for a mirror wall at a gym that would have different workouts loaded into it. Even for a home gym, it would be like having a personal trainer to feed you work outs and it would be so convenient to have it right there on the wall.

Almost everyone has multiple mirrors around their home or office, the MirrorVue is a neat gadget that could transform these spaces and would certainly impress. Given how unique this product is you might expect an outrageous price point, but it comes in starting at $999 with the option to add on upgrades, so while it is not cheap it is not strictly for the very wealthy as sometimes these futuristic gadgets are.

These mirrors look like they would be pretty neat. How would you use one?