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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Meater Plus

By March 23, 2021News

Spring is officially here and after a winter of being couped up everyone is ready to get back outside and enjoy warmer weather. That also means that it is grilling season. Grilling just makes everything taste a little bit better, but the trouble with grilling can be getting things cooked just right. Overcooking or undercooking something can totally ruin it (or just be plain unsafe). It is a total disappointment to sit down to eat your meal, cut into your food and find out it is undercooked. Then you have to go back out fire up the grill again and finish cooking it.

The days of meat that hasn’t been appropriately cooked are over! Meater is here to save the day with a truly wireless meat thermometer that not only works with you smartphone, but will also help you determine how long it will take to cook as well as set alerts to notify you when it is done. Sure, you can get a simpler meat thermometer, but you have to wonder what the temperature is and constantly check on it.  Let’s just be honest it is more fun and convenient with modern technology.

Here’s how it works. The Meater Plus uses built-in Bluetooth to extend the range of the probe up to 165 feet so you don’t have to hover over the grill and you can go and enjoy yourself. It uses two sensors that monitor the internal temperature of the meat as well as another to monitor the ambient temperature. Using the guided cook system in the app it will walk you through the process and estimate based on the temperature readings how long it will take to cook. It literally takes all the guess work out of cooking and you will get perfectly cooked meat every time.

The Meater isn’t restricted to just the grill either. Since it is wireless you can use it in the oven, a smoker, a skillet for example. This little gadget will save you time, stress, and save food from being ruined. Guessing when your food is done has always been a challenge, but this makes things easy.

Right now the Meater Plus comes as a single probe and charging station, but there is a more expensive option if you wanted multiple probes too. At $99 for the Meater Plus it is by no means a cheap meat thermometer, but the technology and versatility of it makes it an intriguing buy for anyone who can relate to the struggles in this article. It could be the perfect gadget for this Spring and Summer for any grilling (or cooking) enthusiast. You can see it in action for yourself on their website