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Shiny Gadget of the Month: HidrateSpark PRO

By March 18, 2022News

For those who love their smart gadgets, just when you thought you had seen everything the smart gadget market had to offer innovation finds a way. The HidrateSpark PRO is a smart water bottle for people who need a reminder to stay better hydrated.

Hydrating has many health benefits and many of us simply don’t drink enough water throughout our busy workdays. It can be difficult to keep track of water intake so for those who need a friendly reminder to take a sip of water this is the gadget for you.

The HidrateSpark PRO is vacuum insulated to keep your beverage cold for a long time and comes with a LED smart sensor that glows to remind you to take a drink while tracking your water intake via a smart phone app. The LED light can be customized for different colors through the app to match your style. You can get notifications though the light on the bottle and from the app on your phone. You can even compete with friends for some gamification through staying hydrated and earn trophies. For those who are forgetful you can even use the bottle’s “find my bottle” functionality to locate where your bottle is using the app.

While a smart water bottle may seem like overkill, it does have some pretty fun and practical applications. With a variety of colors and customizable light there is sure to be a bottle for everyone and the gamification seems like it could be fun if the whole family were to get a bottle. It is certainly an interesting idea and while some smart gadgets break the bank at $69.99 it is not an insane price especially considering how much some other vacuum insulated non-smart water bottles go for. Check the HidrateSpark PRO for yourself on their website.