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Shiny Gadget of the Month: EcoFlow Wave

By July 21, 2022Shiny Gadget

The height of summer heat is upon us and trying to stay cool is on everyone’s mind. This can be particularly challenging when planning outdoor adventures like camping. Sure, you can find ways to tolerate the heat during the day, but what about at night, when all you want is some quality rest? Or maybe your home office just get’s hot during the day and you’re looking for a way to cool it down without cranking up the AC for the whole house. EcoFlow is here to come to the rescue with EcoFlow Wave a battery-operated air conditioner. No, this is not some cheap “portable AC” unit that uses ice to blow cold air, this is a full-fledged AC unit with 4000 BTUs of cooling power and up to a 12 hour run time.

EcoFlow Wave is the perfect gadget for those who need a truly portable AC that can run anywhere at any time. It offers the flexibility of charging off any power source, even solar, for those taking it off the grid. So, whether you’re taking it to a small getaway cabin or camper, your tent, or a room in your home you can have the cooling power of air conditioning. Another unique feature is that unlike other AC units, this leaves no water behind, making it perfect for bringing it on your next trip. The way it accomplishes this is by redirecting water into a special heating tube that allows the water to evaporate.

A gadget as neat and unique as this is unsurprisingly simple to use. Simple controls mounted on the unit along with a companion app allow you to control your AC. On top of all that should you find yourself needing more run time you can get additional batteries to extend the run time and a portable solar panel.

Now while all of this is awesome, it does come with a price tag to match. Right now you can pre-order this gadget for $1499 with orders expected to be shipping by the end of July. You can see more for yourself on their website.