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Shiny gadget of the month: Dabby

By January 24, 2020Blog

It is now the year 2020, technology is reaching new levels and most of us have a variety of devices we use for streaming TV and movies in our homes. That means you probably have a couple boxes, dongles, etc. you use to stream content on your TV’s. On top of that there are now so many streaming services and subscriptions that it can be hard to find where your favorite show or movie is to watch and you have to flip between all these apps to try and find it. This is where Dabby comes in…

Dabby, which debuted at the CES show this month, is a little home entertainment hub that wants to simplify your life. It looks a little like a tablet, (or Echo Show) but combines the features with that of a Roku or Apple TV. The real draw of this gadget is that it will use the power of AI to take all your subscription streaming services along with all the free content out there on the web and combine them into a superpowered AI search for what you want to watch. That’s right, you just say “Hey Dabby, watch The Witcher” and boom you have it right there, or “Hey Dabby, watch the scene where Thanos snaps his fingers’” and it will find it. If you don’t have access to something it can even give options to rent it right there.

Beyond the search capabilities Dabby has some other cool features. For instance, you can take the device and carry it from room to room and through the use of the sensors you can continue watching in the next room seamlessly. You can even use it as a standalone device to watch with if you wanted. If you have a friend with a Dabby you can set it up to stream simultaneously with that friend and have a live video feed between you and your friend on the Dabby screen while the content plays on the TV, which could be cool if you wanted to watch a show or sporting event with a friend who can’t otherwise be there. If you’re not using it, it can even function as a digital picture frame too.

All these new tech features sound really cool, but it comes at a bit of a steep price of $400. The idea behind it is intriguing, and hopefully the features work well, especially the AI search, but since this has yet to be released only time will tell. You can pre-order now and there is an expected ship date of April 2020. You can check it out for yourself on their website and they have some little videos to show more of it off. What do you think? Would you be willing to give it a try?