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By July 12, 2019July 31st, 2019Blog

It is officially summer and that means spending more time outside. Whether that means taking a vacation, a day trip, or just a barbeque in a backyard people like to enjoy the warm weather. It also means people like to back food and beverages in coolers to help them beat the heat and that means loading it up with ice which inevitably takes up space and melts turning into a pool which can be troublesome if you have food in there. Well that doesn’t have to be the case anymore, gosun has created a solar cooler that doesn’t need ice and aptly named “Chill”.

Chill is essentially a solar refrigerator. It will keep everything clean and dry since no ice is needed, it even boasts temperature control so it is cold enough to make ice inside it should you still want some.  Also, since you don’t need ice it leaves more room (fits 55 cans) for extra stuff! The power bank in it can last up to 24 hours and since it has solar capabilities you can have it last even longer should you need it. The power bank can detach so you can use it to power other devices when you don’t need the cooler. If you’re worried it might be too big and heavy or cumbersome don’t worry it comes with a telescoping handle and wheels so you can easily bring it on your travels. There really are so many features and details packed into this gadget that you will have to check out more for yourself on their website

The Chill really seems like it would be pretty awesome to have, not only as a cooler, but the added multi-functioning power bank is useful too. While the price may seem steep at $579 (currently a discount for pre-orders) when you think about it compared to something like a similar sized Yeti cooler it really isn’t that bad of a deal. It would certainly be something unique to show off at your next barbeque and would be amazing for camping where you may not have access to keep things cool for a weekend otherwise. This could be a really cool gadget to have, what do you think?