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Shiny Gadget of the Month: BitSignal Touchless NFC Card

By August 23, 2022News

People are always looking for a fresh take on a business card. Whether your prefer a simple rectangle, crazy shape, or thick card stock to try and stand out there are always new options to try. In our digital world we live in BitSignal has come up with a fresh take on the traditional business card with a touchless NFC card.

These business cards come in a variety of styles and are water resistant. They’re also built from a flexible plastic like material so you don’t need to worry about a little water or your wallet ruining it. There is even options for custom printed cards too.

The way this little gadget works is through the use of NFC technology you can tap the card to someone’s phone (or using a QR code and their camera) and share a variety of information in an instant. Best of all you can change your information on your card through their built-in software as you see fit. No more needing to order more cards to update information, or if you want to highlight something specific, it is as simple as adding that information to the card.

You can share a variety of information, from your typical contact info to websites, video, blogs, and more! You can even use the digital version of your card on your email signature or use the QR code elsewhere, so you’re not limited to just the physical card.

In an increasingly digital world this digital business card seems like the perfect companion. Best of all they don’t break the bank either. They are currently listed for about $12 a card with discounts for a 10-pack on their website. This could be a neat gadget for your next business meeting or live event to differentiate yourself from the sea of paper business cards.