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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Autonomous SmartDesk Connect

By February 17, 2023Blog

Your desk is an important part of your life. Let’s face it for many jobs you spend a majority of your workday at it. It is important that you have something functional in order to do your job and remain productive, but what if you could have something both beneficial to your wellbeing and functional?

The Autonomous SmartDesk Connect is here to help keep you not only productive but comfortable and happy too. For those who are sitting at a desk all day it can be tough on your body and unhealthy to just sit at a desk all day. This Smart Desk is able to convert from a sitting desk to a standing desk through the use of controls mounted on the desk or an app, so no manual mechanisms to fidget with on a desk potentially knocking things over. What is even better is that you can schedule sit-stand sessions so that you can keep your body moving throughout the day when it is easy to lose track of how long you’ve been sitting. Concerned about having things above or below the desk that could get damaged by the desk? It has an anti-collision sensor built in to prevent damage or injury. These desks come with a 7-year warranty too so you have some peace of mind that your desk will last.

For those working from home or even in an office this could be an exciting upgrade to your workspace. Investing in yourself is always a good call, if you’re spending 40+ hours a week at your desk this could be what you’ve been searching for to shake things up and give your body a needed change of pace. The desk comes in multiple configurations and sizes starting at $599. You can see more details here on their website.