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Shiny Gadget of the Month: AnkerWork B600 Video Bar

By January 20, 2022Blog

It is inevitable in this day and age that you are faced with getting on a video chat. Some of us more than others. It is surprising that there have not been more advances in offerings that cater to the needs of today’s hybrid and remote workers. However, AnkerWork is here to change things with its AnkerWork B600 Video Bar.

This little gadget is here to solve some of the biggest complaints we’ve all had about video chat, poor video quality, audio, lighting, and clutter. It comes complete with a 2k camera, speaker, and light bar to ensure you are looking your best no matter what your indoor lighting situation currently is. The camera even has an adjustable field of view so that you can hide messes out of sight. Additionally, the light bar can be manually brightened or dimmed with a touch slider. It even connects with just a simple USB-C cable to help eliminate the need for multiple wires cluttering up your desk space and can be easily mounted on your laptop or monitor. Last, but not least, it has its own microphone that comes with AI noise reduction to help keep noisy kids or pets from causing a distraction and interrupting calls.

For those working from home using a standard laptop camera and microphone this would surely be an upgrade. While this nifty work from home gadget is not available just yet at the time of writing, it will be available January 25th, 2022. Coming in at a reasonable $219 considering the features, it finds a balance between price and technology. You can see more for yourself and even snag an early bird coupon saving you $35 if you get there before the 25th on their website.