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Shiny Gadget of the Month: Amazon Astro

By October 20, 2021News

Smart homes are constantly evolving with new gadgets to make your life easier and more automated coming out all the time. Amazon has been one of the drivers in the smart home revolution and their quest to take over your home continues with their new robot Astro.

Amazon Astro gives you features of all their different devices along with some extra perks and is on wheels. With Astro you get home monitoring, Alexa, video chat, customizable attachments, a robot butler, and more. They are even working on a new Alexa Together service to help aid in the care of loved ones. With the new service you can receive activity alerts and manage shopping lists or set up reminders on behalf of your loved one that Astro can deliver. In the event of an emergency, they can even ask Astro to call for help to an urgent response team.

While Astro may seem like a bit of overkill it does seem like it could be pretty cool too. The ability to traverse your home and see what is going on while you’re away, especially if you have pets, is pretty neat. If you’re doing chores around the house it can follow you while playing your favorite tv show, music or podcast. They even show it delivering reminders to your kids for chores and delivering snacks and beverages.

All in all Astro seems like a fun gadget. While you can’t quite indulge yourself now without an invite from Amazon it will eventually be available for $1,449.99 to the general public. If you wanted to see more they have a nice little video showing off all the features on their website