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Shiny Gadget of the Month: AiT Smart One – The Game Changer Smart Desk

By May 22, 2020Blog

The world is changing and adjusting to a new way of doing things due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have deployed remote work forces and many are planning on keeping remote work as part of their plan going forward. In doing so people are looking for new things to incorporate into their home offices. This month we take a look at a state-of-the-art desk. This is no normal desk, it is a smart desk. Yes, the concept of a smart desk has arrived! AiT Smart One is a smart desk with customization, style, and functionality all wrapped up into one cool gadget.

The AiT Smart One is app-controlled along with some buttons included on the desk top. It has adjustable height, a fully customizable design, and tons of built-in features to meet all your needs and then some. The desk itself can monitor your time spent sitting and indicate to you when it is time to get up and work from a standing position. They have even built in personalized fitness and stress relief exercises to help you stay fit and relaxed while at work. It even can go as far as to inform you of air quality in the room and tell you to open a window. All in all depending on the model and customizations you choose you can have adjustable height, fitness and health module, integrated cable management, air quality sensor, CO sensor, security drawer, ambient LED lighting, Bluetooth sound system, monitor arm for extended displays, ergonomic footrest, wireless charger (built right into the desktop), under desk PC holder (for your tower), aromatherapy, mobile app, and either touch screen or physical buttons for operating functions. Yes, there is a mountain of features to choose from and they all seem pretty interesting and certainly unique for a desk. However, features are not the only thing you can customize, the desk has a wide variety of colors and materials to choose from. Many of the options allow for the desktop to act as a dry erase board as well.

Right now the smart desk is past the design and testing phase and in the funding phase on Indiegogo. Production is estimated to begin as soon as June of this year and shipping in August. So by fall you could potentially have one of these for your office set up.

While AiT Smart One is state of the art, it had a range of prices to choose from too. The current “models” they have to offer with “early bird pricing” are the Smart One with basic functions that is available for $449, the Smart One Extended Functions for $789, the Smart One Full Pack for $988, or the top of the line model Phantom 1 for $1,149. The price tag might seem steep, but if you were to compare to other adjustable standing desks with a fraction of the features it really is not too bad. Check it our for yourself here. Would you spend the extra for one of these?