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Shiny gadget of the month: Weego 44

By September 23, 2016February 7th, 2019Article

Summer is winding down and the seasons are changing. Perhaps you still want to squeeze in a couple more boat outings before you start planning for fall. Maybe you’re sending your kids off to college, or maybe you’re getting ready to go camping now that the sweltering heat of the summer has died down. No matter what the occasion, Weego 44 has you covered. If your boat needs an emergency jump, or your kid (or yourself) runs into car trouble on the road or in the woods, the Weego 44 all-in-one battery has your back.

Not only does Weego 44 provide you with an emergency jump, it also charges portable devices and doubles as a flashlight. You may think this fancy, handy tool comes from Silicon Valley, but it is in fact created right here in New Jersey. Weego is from Westampton, NJ, right nearby in South Jersey.

The Weego 44 isn’t Weego brand’s first jump starter battery either; they have a full line from standard to professional batteries. The new Weego 44 has improvements for modern needs, such as laptop and mobile device charging, and it has special trademarked clamps that open wider, are easier to use than traditional clamps, and use sight and sound to help safely guide you through the jumping process (they call these Smarty Clamps). Weego 44 is also rated for dust and water resistance (things commonly found outdoors), and has the most powerful flashlight of all the Weego batteries.

I’m sure we’ve all, at some point, been stranded with a dead battery. To get back up and running, it takes a willing person to help—and at least one of you needs cables. Heck, I know a number of people that don’t even have jumper cables! Assuming you’ve found a person and you have cables, there’s also the stress and worry of hooking up the cables properly. (Have you witnessed sparks flying during a jump? I have.) Having the Weego 44 rechargeable battery at your side eliminates all those woes and it still has so many more functions! This is a great choice for safety and convenience.

The Weego 44 is priced at $150 and comes in a little vintage-looking lunchbox packed with the Smarty Clamps, a wall charger, a car charger, a water-resistant carrying case, a hook and lanyard (to be able to suspend the battery as an overhead light when you pop the hood), a quick start guide, and instructions.

It certainly seems like a pretty nifty little gadget to have around, but go see it for yourself here.