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Shiny gadget of the month: Wayv Adventurer: Portable Microwave

By July 22, 2016July 9th, 2019Article

Do you like to go camping? Maybe you like to get out for some early morning fishing before the heat of the day arrives, or even go for a nice hike. If you’re an outdoorsy person, then more than likely at some point you’ve had a meal out in the wilderness—sometimes cooked over a campfire, sometimes cold. But what if you can’t make a campfire or don’t have access to one and you really want something warm to eat or drink? Having a microwave would, of course, make that an easy task, but it’s not like you can just haul one around and plug it into a tree in the middle of nowhere.

Soon a new, nifty little device will help: the first-ever portable microwave! And no, it’s not a huge microwave with a big battery, it’s a small, compact microwave that’s lightweight enough to pack in your backpack easily.

Wayv Technologies Ltd. has come up with a one-of-a-kind gadget that heats your food and beverages anywhere. The Wayv Adventurer is perfect for, well, the adventurer in all of us. Take it anywhere you go. Whether you’re going camping on a cool night and would love some soup, or want some hot coffee the next morning (I know I would), just bring your favorite food with you, heat it up, and enjoy. Yeah, that’s the beauty of a microwave in the wilderness. The application for this device doesn’t have to be limited to the outdoor enthusiast either, just think how it could help with disaster recover zones, or even the military. In fact, the initial concept was inspired by military use.

The innovation allowing this technology to work comes from the battery-operated radio frequency for cooking. This enables the compact design that would be otherwise inconceivable with a normal microwave you would find in your kitchen. The device itself is about the same size as a thermos, so it has a decent capacity of up to 16.9 fl. oz., but it’s also small enough to carry around without being cumbersome. It even has interchangeable quick charging packs that last around 30 minutes per charge and can be charged using your car, house, or portable solar packs (if you’re clever like that). The design is simple and intuitive with a digital display. Cleaning is also simple, with a lining that slides out easily and is dishwasher safe.

So now you’re probably wondering, When can I get my hands on one of these bad boys? The Wayv Adventurer is slated for an early 2017 launch with an expected cost of $199. You can find out more details on their website here.