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Shiny Gadget of the month Samsung’s The Wall

By February 14, 2018November 20th, 2018News

It is the month of the Super Bowl, the time of year many people upgrade their TV’s for the big game. After seeing this at CES in January I’m sure there are plenty of people that wish Samsung had released their TV dubbed “The Wall” in time. Sure to be the ultimate TV to show off at any Super Bowl party this 146 inch TV is massive. That size translates into about 10 feet wide and nearly 6 feet tall, hence the name, “The Wall”.

The Wall was on display at the CES event in January and was Samsung’s example of a new module-based design. Meaning this technology allows for the TV to be smaller or even larger by using multiple smaller display panels to create the total size. It uses MicroLED technology, which is similar to OLED in the fact that the pixels do not require a backlight so you can get true blacks and product high contrast images. It is also brighter than most LED LCD displays with a 2,000 nit brightness which enhances the contrast for HDR display.

Samsung says that it will in fact hit the market at some point this year in a range of sizes, but there is no specified date. The new technology and sheer size means that it will likely not be cheap. It is aimed at being more of a home theater product, rather than your everyday TV. Right now Samsung says their major hurdle is manufacturing since it is such a precise process. It will be interesting to see if they are able to tackle it and if this makes it to market. Who knows, maybe next year you could have the Super Bowl up on your entire wall and be the envy of everyone at your party. You can read more about it on Samsung’s website.