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Shiny gadget of the month: ResetPlug

By August 26, 2016February 7th, 2019Article

Have you ever had the pleasure of working on (or watching) something at home through Wi-Fi, but then your internet cuts out or your video gets stuck in a perpetual buffering cycle? You realize that your Wi-Fi signal is lost and that means you need to go through the arduous task of unplugging your router, waiting, and then plugging it back in. Think about it: you’d have to get up and go to your router—perhaps it’s upstairs or on a desk downstairs, but it isn’t close by. Oh, and of course the stupid plug is in some hard-to-reach, inaccessible place you can’t get to without contorting your body to reach. Ugh. What if there was some little device that would help you skip all that so you could sit tight where you were?

Look no further than the aptly named ResetPlug. It’s a nifty little smart plug that you plug your router into so it can monitor your Wi-Fi. Should your Wi-Fi fail, the ResetPlug cuts power to the router for a few seconds then lets it boot back up. Nine times out of ten that fixes things, but if it doesn’t, the ResetPlug will try again in a few minutes. Now instead of going through all that hassle, you can hang out for a few seconds and relax.

The ResetPlug does more than simply save you the irritation of having to unplug and plug in your router. You might have smart devices at home or Wi-Fi dependent devices such as security cameras, alarms, remote computers, etc., which will not function if your connection goes out when you’re not home to reset. With the ResetPlug you can count on your Wi-Fi remaining up and running for those devices.

A drawback to some might be the $60 price tag, but if your router isn’t working at its best or you have connected devices that rely on Wi-Fi while you’re away, those needs could justify the price. Check it out for yourself on their website here.